winter hills kangtal
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2024-01-15 11:43:11

As winter comes up in Uttarakhand and kantal emerges as a gem in the Himalayas, enticing those who seek a perfect blend of adventure and tranquillity. In the heart of this winter wonderland lies Kings Paradise Resort in Kanatal a perfect weekend getaway near Uttarakhand offering an immersive retreat amid the snowy landscapes. Here we will unravel the secrets of the perfect winter getaway.

winter hills kangtal
Resort in Kanatal

Do Chase the Snowflakes:
Uttarakhand becomes a magical globe during winter, and at Kings Paradise Resort, you’re at the heart of the enchantment, So here we would say go beyond the confines of your room. Yes, we would want you to chase snowflakes. To give a heads up the temperature here can drop to a chilly -5 Celcius. We don’t want to scare you, but we would love to see you make every snowfall count 

Don’t Skip on the Warmth:
While the beauty of winter is exciting, it is essential to be prepared, Pack the coziest and the best of the layers, sturdy snow boots and accessories that will protect you from the cold. Not to forget to mention that our resort near Kantal ensures that your stay is a snug affair, with well-appointed accommodations which will keep the chill at bay but yet maintain the authentic connection with the winter charm.

Go above and beyond:
Beyond the serene landscapes, Uttarakhand’s winter opens doors to exhilarating activities. Try out snow trekking, and snowboarding. Kings Paradise Resort will be your getaway to these adventures, they will organize guided experiences ensuring every thrill seeker makes the most of the winter.

Capture it all:
When in Uttarakhand you don’t want to miss out on all the frame-worthy moments with your loved ones, make sure you have a camera on the go, while you are exploring the snowy trails and breathtaking views of Kantal.

Satisfy your taste buds:
Uttarakhand has something unique to satisfy your unique taste buds. Satisfy your tastebuds with Garhwali Specialties and savour hot cups of masala chai. At Kings Paradise Resort, our in-house restaurant curates a culinary journey, blending all the local flavours one by one!

Don’t Rush, Relish the Tranquility:
Before time passes too quickly, make sure you take a moment, to revel in the beauty that Uttarakhand offers. Kings Paradise Resort provides serene nooks, inviting you to unwind. Grab a book or you can simply absorb the meditative silence of the snow-covered surroundings 

Go local:
Uttarakhand has more to offer than its nature, it’s a cultural celebration. Engage with local communities, participate in traditional festivities and if you get a chance, learn a few Garhwali phrases. Here at Kings Paradise Resort, we are deeply rooted in the local ethos. Not just that, we can arrange cultural experiences especially crafted for you, offering a genuine connection to the vibrant winter traditions of Uttarakhand.

As one embarks on a winter journey to Uttarakhand, these little suggestions can elevate your trip and your stay at Kings Paradise Resort would be just like a cherry on the top.
Right from the snowy adventures to the warmth of local delicacies and the serenity of cultural experiences. Lastly, our resort in Kanatal promises an unforgettable winter winter experience. Now all you need to do is pack the right way of course! And let your getaway be an extraordinary winter escape!

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