Haut Monde Rajputana Palace welcomes you to a world where the echoes of regal heritage embrace modern luxury. Explore 50 well-appointed rooms, two expansive lawns for grand events hosting up to 1000 guests, state-of-the-art banquet areas for weddings and corporate events, a professional conference hall, and a restaurant seating 100 guests.

Each event hosted within our walls unfolds against a backdrop of unparalleled views, where the hills weave a serene and picturesque tapestry. For a moment of reprieve, our inviting swimming pool awaits, providing a refreshing sanctuary. Haut Monde Rajputana Palace invites you to experience the regal embrace of our heritage, where every detail is a nod to the bygone era, and every stay is a sojourn into the lap of royal indulgence.

Unveiling Soon: An experience steeped in royal elegance and timeless allure.