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Here’s why Haut Monde Hill Stream & Spa is a perfect destination to WELCOME 2023!

Haut Monde Hill Stream Spa is a perfect destination in Dehradun

2021 was a celebration in it’s own ways and all of us would want to welcome 2022 with happiness, good vibes and even better celebrations! If you and your loved ones are looking forward to a destination that is as exclusive as you, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort & Spa is indeed the perfect answer for your New Year Celebrations. Located at a 5 hour drive from Delhi/NCR, this family resort in Dehradun is spread over a total area of 7 acres and promises you with a retreat which is full of beauty.

Keeping the New Year celebrations in mind, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort & Spa has laid out extensive plans for the guests who would be coming down for an experiential retreat to the best resort in Dehradun. Since the resort has a welcoming vibe to it, being located in the middle of everything that speaks nature and serenity, the welcoming of guests is equally warm. The rooms are positioned in a way that comfort becomes a synonym for your lifestyle the entire time you would be at the resort. What makes it even more amazing are the views that one gets to see when the morning light strikes in your eyes. The locals of Kokliyal region are a part of the room service and the kitchen team who are making sure day in and day out that you experience nothing but happiness. Moreover, keeping the New Year excitement in mind, everyone is in high spirits to welcome the guests. The kitchen team has prepared an extensive menu especially for New Year while the outdoor recreational area is all set for the celebrations. This luxury resort in Dehradun is also setting up a musical night and a bonfire night to make sure that the celebrations are as exclusive as they can be.

Not just this, if you have plans to begin your new year with resolutions, you can begin it from the in-house Ayurveda and Yoga centers that the resort boasts of. Considered to be the best Yoga retreat in Dehradun, your post New Year celebrations can always have a calming vibe. With less than 15 days left for New Year to begin, make your way down to Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort & Spa for a welcoming of a brand new year!