Panchakarma (Minimum 21N/22D)


One of the best healing processes in Ayurveda, Panchakarma is the Sanskrit for Five Treatments that are done to remove the toxic materials from your body that are left in your body due to poor nutrition, environmental toxins, and diseases. At times like these, we all need to strengthen our immunity systems, bring in balance, and stay fit. This package will help you do so. Visit us with your family and enjoy a long stay at our resort. With proper subscribed meals, daily yoga, meditations, Ayurvedic treatment will help you heal faster and grow fitter. Walks along the refreshing stream and a well-appointed room will add to your healing and strengthening process.

  • Stay in well-appointed room.
  • Panchakarma prescribed meals (Breakfast, Lunch,
    Dinner + Evening Tea).
  • Ayurveda doctor Consultation and daily Panchakarma treatment (90 min).
  • Scheduled weekly wellness activities: Daily Yoga,
  • Stream/waterfall trek.
  • Airport transfers.