Natural Water Stream

Surrounding of Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort is beautiful and teeming with stunning sights.

In midst of rolling green hills are ancient stone steps leading you down, as you step down into a beautiful clearing , witness the fresh water stream with sounds of gurgling water intermingled with chirping of birds.

Find your favorite spot, close your eyes and relax. It is easy to get to one of the bigger rocks sitting right on the stream, breathe in deeply the fresh air coming from the surrounding forests and watch little fish play and have great fun while you splash around.


Adorned with abundant natural beauty, rolling green hills, snow- capped mountains and lush green forests, surrounding areas of this magnificent Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort is replete with fascinating trekking trails.

For the amateur or novice trekker, there are easy treks with views that will sweep you off your feet and then there are treks ranging from moderate to difficult, each opening up to delightful treasure troves of stunning scenery.

Bird Watching

If you are an avid Bird Watcher or a beginner, don’t miss this lifetime ticket to our nature theatre.

Uttrakhand is rightly called as Paradise of Bird watchers. At Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort, you can spot many varieties of native bird species and also few migratory birds.

Yoga & Meditation

Cuddled in the surrealistic Himalayan ranges, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort set amidst the sprawling nature provides a perfect setting to invigorate and calm the senses through yoga and meditation sessions.

De Stress and Relax!

Organic Farming

We at Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort have switched over to alternative farming, which is sans chemicals and only organic fertilizers are used. Our half acre farm land will please your sight as well as your health as you connect with Mother Earth. Take a tour and watch herbs like coriander, mint, vegetables, lemons and seasonal greens growing in abundance.

Sightseeing Places

Though, Haut Monde Hill Stream Resort offers many interesting activities to keep you busy. There are many places nearby which you may love to explore. Besides the In-house Hawa Mahal which is a quaint place to do some star gazing, there are also Waterfalls, Temples, Caves and destinations like Rishikesh etc.

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